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How 2022 Is Going...

So far, 2022 has seen the largest anti-LGBTQ+ attack in history:

  • Florida passed a law banning even talking about LGBTQ+ topics or people in schools.

  • Texas issued an executive order to treat affirming care for a trans child as child abuse.

  • Virginia failed to remove same-sex marriage from it's Constitution, allowing it to remain criminal.

  • 11 States have banned transgender participation in sports for children as young as five.

  • Over 200 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were filed in 2022, dozens here in Virginia. 

  • Of these bills, over 39 states are following suit to target trans children, LGBTQ+ education, and further attempting to marginalize the already marginalized, especially among children.

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Courage in Advocacy

How To Help

Here in Loudoun County, we continue to receive reports of discrimination from state and county agencies, in schools, and in public. To fight this, we have developed a number of programs and efforts...

  • Become a Member- Your voice helps lift our ability to affect change, press for protective laws, and be a force for change. 

  • Donate- Every dollar donated provides for these important programs from educational workshops to events that help our community feel affirmed. 

  • Volunteer- Whether it's building out information pages to fight misinformation, attending an event to spread awareness, or helping manage our operations, each job moves us closer to the goal of true equality. 

  • Read a Book- One of the largest efforts underway in the county is to remove books about LGBTQ+ and BIPOC experiences from libraries, by claiming they are inappropriate, robbing children of much needed perspectives.

  • Learn Something- We all have blind spots, biases, and more to learn. Whether we are a long-time ally or just beginning, knowledge is power that helps fight well-funded misinformation campaigns.

  • Be a Business Ally- Did you know that right here in Loudoun, LGBQT+ individual still drive to other counties to find places to shop, medical offices, and even something as simple as a haircut? Be part of the solution by being an affirming business.

  • Show Your Pride- By being a visible ally, you can help create a more accepting and affirming atmosphere. Did you know that mental health and suicidal disorders are so prevalent among LGBTQ+ youth because of the perceived lack of acceptance?

  • Stay Up To Date- As the world continues to change, we continue to evolve to meet a rise in threats and challenges. Simply keeping up with what we're doing can help make you more aware, more affirming, and be a force for good.