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For Vendors & Sponsors

Greetings friends, 

Please find all of the information you need here. We will update this periodically, so please check back as we get closer to the event. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support in making this happen and we're ready to share this special day with you all!

-The Loudoun Pride Team

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 pm
21544 Old Vestals Gap Rd, Sterling, VA 20164

INSTRUCTIONS: Please plan to arrive between 11 am and 12 pm. All vehicles will be required to leave the festival grounds by 12:15 pm. Arrive at the Visitor's Center on Vestal Gap road, not the main park entrance. Upon arrival, your staff should let our volunteers know who you are participating with. They will provide you with a place designator and direct you to your booth space. Once there, please unload before setting up and remove your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our vendor area has 91 cars and will fill quickly. Once unloaded, you may park in the Heritage Farm parking lot.

As a reminder- we do not provide tents, tables, or chairs unless specified.

Last Call: 5:30 pm | Activities Shut Down: 6:00 pm  | Event Ends: 7:00 pm

INSTRUCTIONS: We will make the last call for food and alcohol at 5:30 pm when our drag show begins. At 6 pm, all of our food, alcohol, and activities will shut down. Vendors are welcome to begin packing up at 6 pm. Vehicles may be brought back to your booth site if you are in the Green Zone, Orange Zone, or Blue Zone only. Please notify if you wish to remove your site between 6-7 pm, tear down your tent and pack your materials, then your vehicle may be brought in for removal only. You will bring your vehicle in from the Heritage Farm parking lot, load, and depart via the Vestal's Gap Road entrance you arrived at. 

All vendors and sponsors will receive their vendor passes and free event tickets via an email sent to the person who registered for the event.

When you arrive, our volunteers will give the first member of your team to arrive all of your vendor event passes (wristbands). Please coordinate with your team prior to arrival. Anyone staying on the festival grounds must be wearing a wristband at all times, even staff, volunteers, and vendors. Any free event tickets for being a sponsor should be purchased separately and picked up at the main entrance separately. Free tickets for sponsors may be given or awarded in any way the sponsor deems fit.

Tickets are based on your registration, as follows: 

         Vendors & Nonprofits - 2 Vendor Passes, no free tickets.
         Bronze Sponsors - 2 Vendor Passes, 2 Free Event Tickets
         Silver Sponsors
 - 4 Vendor Passes, 4 Free Event Tickets
         Gold Sponsors
 - 4 Vendor Passes, 6 Free Event Tickets
         Platinum Sponsors
 - 6 Vendor Passes, 8 Free Event Tickets

Don't see your question here? Give us an email.

Who can I contact on the day of if we have any issues? 
We won't have anyone monitoring our emails or phone line on June 3rd or 4th.On June 3rd, if you have an urgent matter, please text 703-646-1347 and we will do our best to respond.  On June 4, address all issues to our Pride Coordinators- Nick Ciriello, Jenny Parsons, or Cris Candice Tuck. You can always find one of them at the Command Center behind the Heritage Farm Museum from 11-8 pm on June 4th. 

What if I have need more tickets for my staff? 
In the interest of fairness, we have designated 2 free vendor passes per each vendor and non-profit. Sponsors receive additional passes based on their support of the event. Upon arrival, you will receive your tickets as wristbands, which must be worn at all times and are not transferable. If you need more staff, you can purchase tickets through our ticketing portal.

What if I know someone in need of a free ticket? 
We provide all of our non-profit partners, government partners, and GSA leaders in LCPS with a free ticket code for people they serve who are not able to afford tickets. This can be a great event to support mental health, community support, and awareness. If you know of someone who in needs who could use a free ticket, please email us.

What if I don't have a tent or table?  
Unfortunately, we experienced issues providing tents and tables last year and won't be offering them with the exception of select partners, who are notified in advance. 

What if I have staff or volunteers showing up later in the day?
Please use your vendor or ticket code to get additional tickets as needed. When each vehicle arrives, they will get 2 wristbands. Everyone else will need to take their ticket code to the main entrance to get a wristband when they arrive.

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