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For Vendors & Sponsors

Greetings friends, 

Please find all of the information you need here. We will update this periodically, so please check back as we get closer to the event. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support in making this happen and we're ready to share this special day with you all!

-The Loudoun Pride Team

Where will I be located?
We've consolidated all of the instructions, information, and site assignments for vendors, sponsors, contractors, and non-profits in one place - the Loudoun Pride Festival Vendor Package. You can find your individual space assignments in the graphics above, in the Vendor Package above, or at your listing pages (sponsors, vendors, and non-profits) to find where you'll be located. We have high-detail maps above with space numbers noted. Please note, assignments may be subject to change but we'll definitely email you if it does between now and the day of the event.

When should I arrive? 
Everyone should arrive between 11 am and 12 pm unless otherwise instructed. You'll set your GPS directions to go to Claude Moore Park Visitor Center at 21544 Old Vestals Gap Rd, Sterling, VA 20164. Once there, our volunteers will guide you to your space. Once there, please unload before setting up and remove your vehicle as quickly as possible. After unloading, you'll park in the adjacent parking area in front of the Heritage Farm Museum and walk back to set up. Please limit the number of vehicles for set up as parking is limited. Absolutely no vehicles are allowed on the festival grounds after 12:30 pm. Anyone not complying with our load-in rules may not be allowed to participate in future festivals. We are required to keep our egress lanes and the festival field clear in compliance with our County partners. Thank you for understanding.

When should I leave?
Unlike in prior years, our event now shuts down completely at 7 pm. We will not have early departure this year after receiving feedback from vendors and attendees. At 7 pm, the event closes and pedestrians will be allowed to exit the park before we bring vehicles back onto the festival field. Please follow our volunteers instructions as they guide traffic back to their spaces and you will leave in the opposite order that you arrived.

When do we get tickets?
Unlike in prior years, we do not require the vendors to pre-purchase their included tickets. Upon arrival, you will receive four free attendance wrist bands. If you require additional tickets, they are available for purchase here. Sponsors will receive additional 4 free ticket coupons in each ticket package that comes with your sponsorship (check your email). Everyone physically present during the festival must have an attendance wristband or ticket on the day of the event per security requirements.

What is included? Do we get a tent or table?
Because of the size of the festival and the sheer number of vendors and sponsors, we do not provide a tent, table, or chairs for anyone except our premium sponsors (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). Each vendor shall have a 10 foot by 10 foot space to erect their own tent, table, displays, etc. within that space. Because our spacing is governed in compliance with the Office of the Fire Marshall, anyone exceeding that space to restrict walkways or expand their footprint will be asked to remedy the situation.

Why are there multiple spaces with the same number?
To help reduce congestion and make arrival easier for everyone, we've instituted a block layout. This means if you're in Block 100 (for example), you'll share that block with 5 other vendors. It will be arranged based on arrival, so first person in is the first person on that block. Don't worry, everyone gets their own 10'x10' space though!

I don't like my location, can I change?
Unfortunately, because of the logistics of fitting over 150+ vendors and ensuring our permits are in compliance for this event, we do not permit site changes for the 2024 festival. In the future, please feel free to email us at least 60 days prior to the event if you have a site request. We do not "reserve" or offer special spaces such as corners on any basis.

Who can I contact for help?
Between May 1 and May 30, please email if your questions are not answered here. On May 31-June 3, we will have limited response via email or phone lines. On the day of the event, you can find our Pride Directors, Jenny Parsons and Candice Tuck, at the Command Center noted on the map. For emergencies only on the day of the event, you can call or text 703-646-1347.

Can I bring food or drinks?
If you are a sponsor, vendor, or non-profit, you can absolutely bring a small bag or cooler when you arrive for setup. But please make sure it's not visible and that you aren't giving out or selling food or drink to attendees (that's against health code requirements). You also won't be able to bring in any large bags or coolers through the main entrance, so make sure it's there before the festival starts. No matter what though, no one is permitted to bring alcohol onto the festival grounds!

What if I know someone in need of a free ticket? 
We provide all of our non-profit partners, government partners, and GSA leaders in LCPS with a free ticket code for people they serve who are not able to afford tickets. This can be a great event to support mental health, community support, and awareness. If you know of someone who in needs who could use a free ticket, please email us.

What kind of graphics can we share?
Whether you're a vendor or sponsor, we want you to help get your people excited to join this incredible event and see your dedication to inclusion in action! We have a set of graphics exclusively for your use in the gallery below. So feel free to download them, add your logo, add a personalized message, or just post away with the #LoudounPride hashtag to find some new followers!

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