The Board of Directors are a group of unpaid volunteers who dedicate many hours each month to furthering the cause of LGBTQ+ Equality in Loudoun County.....

If you are interested in joining Equality Loudoun or finding out more about volunteer opportunities please visit our website at or join us at our monthly membership meeting by visiting

Meet Our Board



Cris Candice Tuck (she/her & he/him)


Cris Candice Tuck is a genderfluid parent, spouse, combat veteran of the U.S. Air Force, STEM advocate, and scientist who specializes in geology, mineral economics, and physical science. Their advocacy has centered on the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, addressing homelessness and poverty, and child abuse prevention.

Vice President

Samantha Clarke (she/her)


Sam has a 23 year career in non-profit direct service and leadership focused on children, youth, families, and those impacted by trauma.  As a queer person, social worker, and Loudoun County citizen, she has a vested interest in serving her communities, lifting up marginalized and vulnerable voices, and working with partners to seek out creative and informed solutions.

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Todd Cimino-Johnson (he/him)


Dr. Todd Cimino-Johnson is a resident of Loudoun County and is a college professor. He is the treasurer for Equality Loudoun. 


Lisa J. Williams (she/her)


Lisa Williams (she/her/hers) is a cis-gender, bi-racial female that identifies as Black.  She has lived in Loudoun County for over 20 years and has 2 daughters currently attending LCPS.  She started her company TLJN Consulting: To Learn; Just Notice in 2020 to live her purpose of inclusion and belonging. She believes that open dialogue and embracing differences will allow us to realize our potential as human beings and make our world better.

Missing Piece

Director of Advocacy



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Director of Communications

Nicholas Gothard (he/him/his)


Nick Gothard is an active community organizer and policy advocate in Loudoun County with a focus on LGBTQ+ rights and community improvement projects. His work currently includes affordable housing and clean energy in Loudoun as well as policy improvements and support programs for LGBTQ+ youth.


Director of Community Affairs

Emily Kuehl (she/her/hers)


Emily Kuehl is a longtime resident of Loudoun County and mother to a transgender child. She works as a professional hair stylist and advocates for equal rights for transgender youth.

Director of Education

Catie Cotes (she/her)


Catie Cote is a parent, educator, and librarian who is passionate about making Loudoun County an inclusive, welcoming place for all. She is excited to bring positive change to Loudoun County as the Director of Education.

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Director of Fundraising

Todd Weiler (he/him/his)


Mr. Todd A. Weiler is a combat veteran and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense that eliminated barriers for transgender service and protected transgender children of Service Members.  Mr. Weiler is an author and advocate for equality issues from women’s rights to minority and LGBTQ+ equality.