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Advocacy is the first step to creating change. When it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, it's proven that simply knowing an LGBTQ+ individual in a personal and relatable manner can often change minds about the need for queer rights. To accomplish this, we work to create networks of affirming individuals, businesses, and organizations to build a supportive community, which is the key to the happiness and growth of each individual, regardless of who they are or who they love.

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Community is what picks us up and keeps us going when we fall down, from the friends we make to the families we unite and build. Through a combination of social support, opportunities to meet others like us, and chances to celebrate what makes us each unique and wonderful, we can find the value in ourselves and our community.


Education is the key to everything we do. What has been shown time and again is that first-hand knowledge and understanding that comes directly from the LGBTQ+ community can radically change the perception of queer rights issues. Once someone has the misinformation replaced with truth, fear with understanding, and bigotry with friendship- then real change is possible.



Defense is the last line of protection for the LGBTQ+ individuals and can often be the most critical. As discrimination against the queer community continues in areas such as employment, name changes, legal filings, fair housing, and more, there needs to be an equal push to fight back and bring equality to the table. We will be that last line of defense.

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