2022 Design Contest



Pride-themed prize pack with a $50 gift card, shirt with your design on it, and other great swag!




Design a graphic that encompasses your vision of 2022 Pride and see your creation used on shirts, graphics, fundraising, and more. 


  • Submission must be received no later than December 10, 2021.

  • Submissions should be emailed to equalityloudoun@gmail.com. Please include artist's name, location (city, state), age, and contact information. 

  • Artists must live in Loudoun County.

  • Open to any age. (Please seek parental permission if under 18)

  • Any questions or clarifications can be emailed to us here.

  • Images will be narrowed down to the top 3 by our Board of Directors. 

  • Final winner determined by vote open only to EQLOCO members from December 10-20. Winner announced online. 

  • Files must be submitted with a minimum 200 DPI in a high resolution format ideal for printing up to 4 foot by 8 foot.

  • Acceptable file formats: .jpg, .gif, .img

  • Rules may be updated at any time without notice, as needed.

  • Submission constitutes a full release by the creator for use of the graphic, by EQLOCO only, to be used in all formats, printing, distribution, and means for fundraising or other uses. Acknowledgement to artist shall be listed on this website.

  • Theme and elements:

    • Should have a white or transparent background.

    • Should be centered on the ideas of pride, love, equality, and perseverance.

    • Should not be specific to or include Equality Loudoun, Loudoun, or any other specific groups or areas. (We'll print EQLOCO shirts separately)

    • Be bold! Original art can use as many colors as needed and can originate from any form - paint, colored pencils, digital art, anything! Just needs to be submitted in a digital file format as specified above.

    • Submissions should be family friendly. Any submissions including themes that are, to the judgment of our Board, sexually explicit, involve drug use, or any other inappropriate images or language will be disqualified.

    • All qualifying images will be shared on social media with acknowledgement to the submitting artists!

Paint Pots and Brush