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Red Zone - Main Stage
sponsors: ML Real Estate and N.W. Federal Credit Union
Find all your favorite musical acts, speakers, and performers on our schedule! See who's playing! Plus, take a look at the sponsors who made today possible!

Orange Zone - Allies Square
sponsors: Google and impACT Tours and Travel
Do you know what you're about to find?! The best community in the region with a great group of 
non-profits and sponsors who want to make today, and every day, special.

Yellow Zone - Alcohol Pavilion
sponsors: Jack Daniels and Glazmaon
Bigger and better! With 7 different alcohol vendors that include beer, wine, and canned drinks, you're ready for the heat. But that's not all! Catch the show, play some games, and make some friends. This is Happy Hour.

Green Zone - Vendors Market
sponsors: Equinix and Leonardo DRS/Red Cross
From crafts to vendors to local groups, you can find it all here! Looking for someone in particular? Check out our directory of vendors to see if you can find something new!

Blue Zone - Family Zone
sponsors: EQLOCO and Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn
Get ready to have a blast with face painting, balloon animals, bounce houses, and other great activities, it's a little something for everyone! Plus, a full stage show!

Purple Zone - Food Hall
sponsors: Axes and O's and Consumer Insights Group
In the mood for something tasty? We've got this place stuffed with food vendors, desserts, and delish drinks. Plus, you can totally toss some axes! Today, you can do anything!

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