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The Mission

The core of any organization is it's ability to get things done. While events like Pride are incredible, a huge amount of contracting, storage, fundraising, and web development go into it. While programs like the Equality Allies are game-changers, they require complex form-building, email and social media marketing, legal review, and organizational policies. While training is essential to education, behind the scenes we have to work on invoicing, platform allocation, review, and coordination. Every part of our organization relies heavily on a group of behind-the-scenes individuals who help the Equality Loudoun run it's day to day operations.





Ever day presents new challenges, opportunities, and operations that require a dedicated team who can continue to tackle each obstacle. Our President is responsible for overseeing the organization and it's volunteers, while also representing the community, guiding program development, and running our Operations Team.

Vice President

Achieving awareness of LGBTQ+ issues is one of the core facets of achieving social and legal changes that protect our vulnerable community. Our Vice President works to ensure that LGBTQ+ issues and Equality Loudoun's offerings in tackling them are heard front and center in the rooms where decisions are made.


Our journey can never be one of constantly looking forward without taking the time to look back and reflect and reframe our victories and mistakes in light of current understanding. Our Historian is responsible for reviewing our core documentation, ensuring our programs are in line with the mission, and assisting in operational development.


Despite our organization's 20-year history, we began our journey anew in 2021 by filing as an incorporated entity and achieving our non-profit status. Along with that comes requirements for governing documents, policies, and procedures that guide our volunteers. Our Secretary ensures our governing documents, licenses, and other requirement are all met.


All of our programs, services, and offerings are orchestrated on a backdrop of fiscal responsibility and public trust. As we have grown exponentially in the last 2 years, that growth requires careful stewardship. Our Treasurer is responsible for ensuring our programs are financially in line with mission scope, tracking our daily income and expenses, filing annual reports, and ensuring our fiduciary responsibility is met.



Our Operations Team is made up of individuals with a variety of skill sets, including marketing, legal review, governance, web development, and more. We utilize this team of highly skilled individuals in an administrative fashion to ensure the organization and it's volunteers are secure by worrying about things like insurance, legal protections, permits and licenses, administrative requirements, contracting, fundraising, and more. Guiding this effort is our Operational Coordinator and others who organize, plan, schedule, file, collate, and get those TPS reports done every day of the week, and sometimes on Saturdays.

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The most important principle of education is truth. In the modern age, anyone with a few dollars and bad intentions can spread misinformation to millions of people online. By utilizing the work of the best and brightest experts in their fields - including psychologists, scientists, medical professionals, researchers, and more - we put together a collection of critical information about LGBTQ+ topics based on proven research, work, and specialists. By spreading the truth, we can fight misinformation campaigns that threaten LGBTQ+ equality.

Social Media



Social media plays in important role in being, well, social. At the core of community is being able to form friendships, make connections, and find mentors. Our social media platforms are meant to share awareness on important issues and the steps we can take to take action. They are meant to bring people together using common values and representation. And they keep us informed on important events, needs, and activities going on in Loudoun County.

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Web Development

Web Development


Our website is more than just a front page, it's volumes and volumes of the best collected resources, information, and research on LGBTQ+ issues and topics across the web. We want our site to be a one-stop-shop of information that fights misinformation, provides the much-needed contacts and research that our community members need, and a place for people to find the content that relates to them. This development is continual as we find new research, groups, and information that need to be included in the the comprehensive portal for our queer community and allies.

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