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Our leadership team is elected by the Board of Directors to ensure the highest quality of individuals are working with our community to safeguard their rights and trust. For more information on how to join our team, please email us at contact@eqloco.com




Responsible for oversight of the operational coordination of the organization to include: Meeting coordination, Operational planning, Email/inquiry coordination, Primary point of contact, Signatory for contractsSystems maintenance, Scheduling coordination


Vice President

Responsible for the outreach and executive function of the organization to include: Outreach, liaison, scheduling coordination, signatory for contracts, and oversight of select committees.



Responsible for oversight of the records coordination of the organization to include: Recording official minutes, Generating contractsLegal filings, Solicitation responses, Records Management, Non-profit status



Responsible for oversight of the financial coordination of the organization to include: ,Financial accounts, Budget generationax filingsGrant writing, Managing donation servicesInvoicing



Responsible for oversight of the communications coordination of the organization to include: Web platforms, Social media, Content creationCreative account management, MarketingPress releases



Advocacy Director

Responsible for oversight of the advocacy and awareness coordination of the organization to include: Faith allies, Medical & mental health, Policy review & offerings, Social support services


Community Director

 Responsible for oversight of the community building and event coordination of the organization to include: Business allies, Community center planning, Membership engagement, Pride & social events


Defense Director

Responsible for oversight of the legal and anti-discrimination coordination of the organization to include: Employment, Housing, Legal servicesLegislative advocacy


Education Director

 Responsible for oversight of the educational and training coordination of the organization to include: Consultancy, Schools, Partnership, Research, Training



Business Coordinator

Creating an LGBTQ+ affirming directory of businesses in Loudoun County, soliciting businesses for inclusion in the Loudoun Business Allies Program, and generating community partners for events, funding, and programs.


Center Coordinator

Acting as the central point for the creation of a Loudoun-based LGBTQ+ Community Center to include funding plans, partnership solicitation, design, and execution.


Consulting Coordinator

Creates a list of LGBTQ+ consulting groups and individuals, creates a listing of their applications, coordinates contracts and execution of services.


Employment Coordinator

Working with partnership programs to find LGBTQ+ accepting and affirming businesses to connect local individuals with employment opportunities.


Faith Coordinator

Creating a survey on LGBTQ+ acceptance and affirming practices, soliciting responses from local places of worship, and building a directory for public use.


Grant Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing the writing and support of grant proposals, finding potential funding opportunities, and submitting Equality Loudoun for prospective financial partnerships.


Housing Coordinator

Working with Fair Housing organizations and government entities to establish and specialize in anti-discrimination practices to advocate and educate individuals on best practices.


Legal Coordinator

Working to develop a pool of non-profit lawyers specializing in pro-bono case work in areas of family law, anti-discrimination law, divorce law, and more to provide legal support services for individuals.


Legislative Coordinator

Tracking important LGBTQ+ affecting legislative proposals in Virginia, notable legislative efforts in the United States, and research existing legislative protections that affect individuals.​


Medical Coordinator

Creating a survey on LGBTQ+ medical issues and affirming practices, soliciting responses from local medical practitioners, and building a directory for public use.


Membership Coordinator

Responsible for engaging the community to join Equality Loudoun as members, finding positions and opportunities to engage members in the overall goals of the organization, and coordinating volunteers.


Mental Health Coordinator

Creating a survey on LGBTQ+ mental health issues and affirming practices, soliciting responses from local mental health practitioners, and building a directory for public use.


Partnership Coordinator

Finding important partnerships events for tabling to create advocacy and awareness on a monthly basis, generating volunteers for partnerships events, and creating a physical presence for activities.


Policy Coordinator

Creating affirming sample policy guidelines and drafts as well as reviewing existing policies for local businesses, government entities, and other public needs.


Pride Coordinator

 Responsible for the initial planning, solicitation, funding, and scheduling of Pride-related activities to include the venue, entertainment, sponsorship, vendors, activities, and more.


Research Coordinator

Researching and creating resource pages and documents on LGBTQ+ topics of importance to individuals in the community as well as allies, policy makers, and the general public for awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community.


Schools Coordinator

Coordinating with the local school systems, school administrators, parent-teacher organizations, and GSA’s to provide an LGBTQ+ affirming school system for students, teachers, and parents as well as managing the EQLOCO Scholarship.


Services Coordinator

Generating specialization in social support services - including homelessness, food insecurity, abuse prevention etc. - to provide assistance to individuals.


Social Coordinator

Generating a series of social events, often in partnership with local businesses, that support major needs, celebrations, holidays, etc. to provide community inclusion for a variety of individuals


Training Coordinator

Developing a roster of trainers specializing in important LGBTQ+ topics; soliciting local businesses, agencies and organizations that may benefit from instruction; and creating an education workshop series for the public.


Designers Looking at the Computer

Operations Committee

Helping oversee the operations is vital to our mission's success! Supporting the fundraising, grant writing, record keeping, social media management, communications, operational oversight, and more is a great way to help improve the community! 

Classroom Lecture

Education Committee

Education makes the lasting difference in our community by demonstrating the basic concepts of accepting the LGBTQ+ community. Education volunteers help develop programs and trainings, coordinate with schools, research, and forming partnerships.

Volunteers Packing Food

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy is the key to personal equality and empowering people to find the resources and spaces vital to them. We need volunteers who can work to provide social support services, medical and mental health providers, places of worship, and LGBTQ+ policies.

Outdoor Night Event

Community Committee

Community is all about bringing people together, and here's how to get involved. By building a close  community of businesses and members, Loudoun can put together affirming LGBTQ+ events, including the Loudoun Pride Festival, and so much more.

Insurance Consultation

Defense Committee

Defense is the front line of keeping and advancing LGBTQ+ protections and rights in our county and beyond. Help provide anti-discrimination protections in housing, legal coordination, legislative awareness, building an LGBTQ+ workforce portal, and fund the fight.

Pride Parade

Pride Committee

Pride is a moment to reflect on our history, our struggles, and our community while preparing for another year of work to strengthen equality for all. Be part of the planning team for the Loudoun Pride Festival to plan marketing, performances, and more!