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Loudoun Business Allies Partnership Pledge

On behalf of my organization or business, I hereby agree:


PARTNERSHIP: That I shall be entering into a partnership agreement with Equality Loudoun, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and that the mission of Equality Loudoun is to advocate, educate, defend, and build community to support LGBTQ+ equality in Loudoun County. Any donations or contributions to our organization will be used for these causes.

MISSION: That my business or organization is voluntarily joining as member of the Loudoun Business Allies, a coalition under the umbrella of Equality Loudoun, which comes with certain expectations and responsibilities. It shall be my duty to ensure my company or organization complies with all the terms and conditions of being a member of this group.

DURATION: The period of this agreement and the partnership is from the time of signing up through the end of the current calendar year or next calendar year if submitted after October 1. If I wish to continue as a member after this period has ended, I will need to re-enroll each year.

AUTHORITY: That I am entering into this agreement with the express permission and support of the managing agents, directors, or leadership of my organization or business.

TERMS: That as the terms of this pledge, I agree to the following conditions: 

  • We commit to creating business environment that will be a welcoming, safe space for LGBTQ+ customers and employees.

  • We recognize that LGBTQ+ people shall include individuals, families, or groups who are or may include people who are gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, non-binary, intersex, asexual, or any person who has a minority sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. 

  • We commit to making our business as affirming as possible by:

    • Working to remove or limit cisgender and heteronormative behaviors, practices, and advertising.

    • Allowing individuals to utilize restrooms and facilities based on their gender identities.

    • Allowing individuals to freely and openly self-select their own information within your business such as name or pronouns.

    • Working to prohibit discriminatory language, acts, or behaviors against LGBTQ+ individuals from business leaders, employees, or patrons.

  • We commit to meeting the obligations of our tier of membership through some form of Donation, Education, or Contribution.

  • We commit to displaying, in an obvious location, the Loudoun Business Allies emblem that will provided for the duration of the partnership.

TERMINATION: This agreement and partnership is made with a singular focus on our end, to create business partners who provide affirming and accepting places for all LGBTQ+ individuals to do business or work. Believe it or not, we hear stories constantly of people who experience discrimination at businesses here in Loudoun County, and instead they go to Arlington to get a haircut or to D.C. for a job. LGBTQ+ individuals come in all shapes and sizes and we do not condone or permit businesses that selectively discriminate but wish to call themselves allies (such as respecting gay customers but not trans or black customers) . Discrimination of any type or any behavior that is not affirming or accepting shall be grounds for immediate termination with our program without any refund or compensation. Reports of such behavior or discrimination shall be investigated, including reaching out to you for your input on any potential situation and any actions taken to rectify the situation. But if our efforts show a clear violation of the terms of this agreement that has not been resolved to our satisfaction, then it shall be severed immediately. If this seems too restrictive of an agreement to make, this is not the partnership for you.