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Yes, your ticket to Loudoun Pride gets you into the drag show - for free!


Loudoun Pride Drag Stage

7 p.m. - Join the hottest of Loudoun Royalty's as we are joined by the Queens! Featuring the incredible musical talents of Anja Dick, Sirène Noir, Desiree Dik, and Crimsyn, this is the show you don't want to miss! Over an hour of laughs, love, danging, singing, and PG-13 performances, you are sure to have the best night of your life. Just remember to bring your tips and your friends for the largest drag show in LoCo history.


Drag Queen Story Time

Hourly - Join our lovely team of queens as they giggle, laugh, and read through adorable family-friendly LGBTQ+ classics like Prince & Knight, I am Jazz, The Color Red, Heather Has Two Mommies, and more at the top of each hour from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. This event will feature Kimberly D'Nita, Charlemenge Chateau, and D'Manda Martini! Each story and performance will be rated at-most PG, so don't worry about what you may have heard in the past, this is going to be a blast!

Please Remember

Tipping is Encouraged and Appreciated For All Drag Queen Events.

Queens, like all people, should be treated with respect. Keep your hands to yourself unless otherwise indicated.

Performances for story time are intended to be suitable for all and will contain no offensive or inappropriate content unsuitable to children of any age.

The Drag Stage Performers may push the boundaries, but would likely be rated PG-13 in a theatre and contain no nudity. Whether this is suitable for you and your family is up to you.

Drag is a performance-based art form dating back through LGBTQ+ history. Please respect the history and culture of the performers.


Anja Dick

Just your friendly neighborhood Drag Therapist. Serving up a savory tater-tot hot dish of truth!

Learn More: instagram.com/doctor.anja.dick

Meet The Performers


Sirène Noir

Sirene noir fresh salmon on the sea shore 

Learn More: instagram.com/sirene_noir_sidora_jackson/


Desiree Dik

Ready for the fire? 

Learn More: facebook.com/DesireeDik69/



Beauty and everything else.

Learn More: facebook.com/QueenCrimsyn


Kimberly D'Nitta

Classy and flashy!

Learn More: Coming soon...


Charlemenge Chatueau

Inspired performance, heart of trouble.

Learn More: instagram.com/charlemagnechateau


D'Manda Martini

Ready or not- She's ready to party.

Learn More: facebook.com/DMandaMartini