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Equality Loudoun aims to support educational leaders, staff, teachers, and administrators in being able to create inclusive, accepting, and affirming spaces. We know that teachers are a huge resource that support students and their families in all manner of life's obstacles- from achieving academic success to bullying prevention to ensuring they have a harmonious place to learn. We hope to help advance schools in ensuring students feel safe when learning by providing our SafeZone stickers and Pride flags for free to teachers who wish to display that their classroom is a safe place to learn.



Equality Loudoun aims to support the incredible work of Loudoun's PTO's, GSA's, teacher organizations, parent's groups, and more using educational grants that support queer-inclusive initiatives, groups, and projects. The Board of Directors selects recipients each year that will receive a grant to support their mission. 


The program requires only a simple application that can be filled out by any teacher, parent, or student group (with adult sponsorship, of course!) for amounts up to $1,000 per project. The projects are evaluated by our Board and awarded within about 1 month.


The program supports inclusive events, programs, and advancing student groups to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools. Since inception, we have supported two different Pride Proms where students were able to be who they wanted and bring who they wanted without the fear, stigma, and harassment that is still all-too prevalent in some schools today. We have supported GSA's in being able to purchase much-needed supplies, a PTO in hosting an inclusive event, and providing hundreds of our SafeZone stickers for teachers to indicate their classrooms as safe and inclusive spaces. 

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