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Terms and Conditions
for Loudoun Pride Attendees & Ticket Holders

TICKETS: Loudoun Pride tickets are now available. Your ticket gets you access to the Festival grounds, all musical performances, activities, and more. While some Pride events may be free, we are required to ticket by our venue and 100% of all ticket sales in 2023 will go towards funding the Loudoun LGBTQ+ Community Center. Equality Loudoun also gives out hundreds of free tickets to local student groups, GSA's, non-profits, and in-need individuals. If you are in need of assistance in purchasing a ticket, please email us at

PURCHASES: There will be food, alcohol, merchandise, and other items available for sale on site. Please be prepared with cash or credit payment options.

SELLING OUT: We will have a very limited number of tickets for sale on the day of the event, so we highly recommend purchasing ahead of time. Last year, we sold out weeks before the event, so plan accordingly.

LOCATION: Event parking will be at Park View High School (400 W Laurel Ave, Sterling, VA 20164). Event parking is prohibited at Claude Moore Park.

SHUTTLE: shuttle bus will be available to shuttle guests between Park View and the Festival entrance from 12:00 - 8 pm.

KISS AND RIDE: We will have a drop off and pick up area at the entrance of the Heritage Farm Museum. We highly recommend using this option for larger groups and families to drop off before parking to reduce the number of shuttle riders.

HANDICAPPED PARKING: Limited parking will be available at the entrance of the Heritage Farm Museum. DMV Placards will be required to be displayed to access these spaces.

INTERPRETERS: ASL Interpreters will be available on the Main Stage throughout the event.

MOBILITY: There will be limited handicapped parking at the entrance to the festival grounds. There will also be
 shuttle bus for those with limited mobility issues. We ask that anyone capable of riding the shuttle bus or use the drop off area to please do so to preserve the available handicapped parking.

SENSORY: For those with sensory concerns, we will have a sensory area located at the Reading Tent.

RESTROOMS: There will be ADA compliant portable restrooms on site. If the portable restrooms are not sufficient, please see one of our volunteers to access an interior bathroom. We will also have multiple hand washing stations on site.

ACCESSIBILITY: Claude Moore Park is a heritage site and is maintained in accordance with it's history and aesthetics. Unfortunately, that means lots of grassy areas and rock pathways. Please assess whether any this may affect mobility. 

SERVICE ANIMALS: Only identifiable service animals, on leash an
d registered, are allowed onto the Festival Grounds. No Emotional Support Animals or pets permitted.

The event will be held, rain or shine, on Sunday, June 4, from 1-7 p.m. at Claude Moore Park in Sterling, VA. Activities, musical acts, and offerings may vary from those advertised without notice. 

SEATING: There will be picnic tables for eating, however, w
e recommend bringing a blanket or chairs for extended seating or concert viewing.

ENTRY: Upon arrival, you will receive a wristband to be worn at all times. Wristbands ensure you can reenter the festival. Please be ready to have bags searched and have all tickets ready to go to ensure quick entry. Attendees are allowed to bring sealed, unopened bottles of water or empty, refillable containers. We will have a free water refill station on site. No other drinks permitted, excluding infant food and medicine.

RESTRICTED ITEMS: Items that are not permitted t
o be brought onto the grounds include, but are not limited to: Coolers, Backpacks, Large Bags Alcohol & Outside food Glass containers Contraband (drugs and weapons) Laser pointers or Incendiary Devices Sound Amplifying Devices Bikes, skateboards, inline skates, or motorized transport (excluding those used for disabilities) Flying objects (drones, kites, Frisbees, footballs, etc.) Signs and flag poles (flags permitted)

DRESS & ATTIRE: All clothing must be appropriate for a family setting. At minimum, entrants must wear a shirt, shorts, and footwear. No nudity, underwear (or similar garments), profane language, or offensive content will be permitted on site or on attire.

SMOKING & VAPING: No smoking or vaping is permitted on or near the event or parking grounds.

WEATHER POLICY: In the event of lightning or thunder on site, all participants will be required to leave the Festival grounds until 30 minutes after the last occurrence. You will be able to reenter after weather has passed or unless persistent severe weather has canceled the event.

SAFETY: At this time of year there is risk of heat illness and attendees should prepare to bring or purchase
adequate water, avoid over-indulging in alcohol, dress appropriately, wear sunscreen, and plan accordingly. Limited emergency services will be available for minor first aid.

EMERGENCIES: In the case of an emergency, please locate a volunteer who can radio for help. To maintain the safety of all our event attendees, we are partnering with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and multiple other agencies to ensure everyone can enjoy the day in an affirming, safe, and accepting place. 

REFUNDS & REMOVAL: Loudoun Pride is intended to be a family friendly event that welcomes, celebrates, and affirms all in a positive way! Accordingly, any attempts to detract from the event to include loud and obnoxious behavior, protesting, amplified voice or sound devices, anti-LGBTQ messaging or signs, aggressive behavior, fighting, damaging personal property, harming the event venue, interfering with staff or volunteers, interfering with vendors or performers, accessing restricted areas, openly intoxicated behavior, or language that detracts from the event in any manner is grounds for immediate removal. Removal from the event, without a refund, may be decided at the sole discretion of event leadership for any reason, without prior warning or notice. We hope you understand these terms and conditions as we strive to make Loudoun Pride the biggest, brightest, and boldest festival in the Northern Virginia region!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Images taken by our staff or contractors may be used in future public promotional materials, please notify one of our volunteers if you do not wish your picture to be taken. 

MEDIA & SOLICITATION: For interviews, press access, or any media inquiries, please email Media must be identified as such by Equality Loudoun. Anyone without a Press Badge will not be permitted to record, interview, or otherwise film the event except for personal use, not to be published or distributed.

Equality Loudoun thanks you for your cooperation and hopes you have a wonderful time!

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