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Open: December 15, 2022- Until Further Notice

"The reason people use the phrase LGBTQ is because they don't like to use the words... IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR A MILLSTONE TO PUT AROUND YOUR NECK AND THROWN INTO A's not my words, it's Gods words."

This is not the first time this (or worse) has been said at the Loudoun County School Board meetings. A recent graduate asked us to share their petition demanding the LCPS School Board develop a policy to shut down a public comment when speakers use hate speech. Using language implying that queer students and community members should be killed for simply existing is the very basis of hate speech. 

The School Board needs to step up and pass a resolution banning hate speech in all its forms. Hate speech is simple- "abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds." 

Please, sign this petition. Ask your LCPS students to sign, your loved ones, and your friends, because no student should have to hear hate speech broadcast by the government or be intimidated from speaking to our elected leaders. The anti-LGBTQ+ will try to make this an argument for free speech, but hate speech is not free speech. And hate speech should not be acceptable in our schools.

Open: Until Further Notice

By order of Governor Youngkin, the Virginia Department of Education has developed the 2022 Model Policies aimed at reversing the 2021 Model Policies- one of the most inclusive school-based transgender policies in the south. Here in Loudoun, Policy 8040 was based on these 2021 Model Policies. 

This effort will enshrine anti-LGBTQ+ policies in our schools leaving students at risk. Included in these proposed policies: 

  • No protections for non-binary or gender expansive student.

  • Prevents students from accessing school counselors when needed. 

  • Allows teachers and staff to deadname and misgender students. 

  • Creates misleading policy instruction around bathroom usage, sports, and other critical inclusive activities for students.

  • Prevents students from using their gender-affirming name and pronouns without parental permission.

  • And most importantly, will forcibly out transgender and nonbinary students, putting students in unaccepting homes at risk for abuse, violence, and homelessness. 




  • Email Your School Board Representative- Our School Board does not have to adopt these policies as they are illegal, violating provisions of the Virginia Values Act and the Virginia Human Rights Act. Just as some School Board's did not adopt the 2021 Policies without recourse, Loudoun can choose not adopt these policies that run counter to the mission of educating all students in a safe and equitable learning environment.  Contact the School Board.

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