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  • What is happening? 

    • The Loudoun County School Board is moving a potential rewrite of Policy 8040 through it's committee process, now arriving with the first draft of a potential rewrite that could restrict the rights of transgender students. Administrative staff have put forward proposed policies based on the anti-LGBTQ+ executive action rom Governor Youngkin that would require schools to forcibly out queer students to unsupportive and unsafe homes, allow students and staff to misgender students, and keep transgender and gender-expansive youth from accessing bathrooms, facilities, sports, and extracurriculars that help them feel accepted and affirmed. All of these actions have dire consequences for these student's mental health and safety. 

  • What can I do?​​

    • Attend the Student Services Committee and provide your public comment.

    • Send emails to our School Board members to express the importance of the existing policies and oppose these unsafe changes. 

    • Keep up to date with our Action Center for upcoming meetings where crucial decision-making will happen.


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