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An Equality Ally is a community partner that has worked to become more than just an ally, they want to ensure the community has an overwhelming voice of support in the places they do business, worship, receive care, and more. The program is open to any business, organization, non-profit, place of worship, medical or mental health provider, and support provider that is willing to go through our process to affirm their allyship in a real and meaningful way. Just look for the Equality Allies sticker on the front door!


Discrimination and harassment are all too common to LGBTQ+ individuals, with over half of our queer community experiencing it according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health¹. By creating a community that is not quiet in it's support, we can change this in Loudoun County by making clear our business leaders, faith leaders, and community leaders will not allow discrimination that prohibits queer people from living their lives freely and happily.



  1. Answer 5 basic questions about your business, organization, place of worship, or medical practice's current LGBTQ+ policies.

  2. Make a one-time tax deductible donation to support LGBTQ+ advocacy work in Loudoun County.

    1. Public or Private Business or For-Profit Organization - $250.00​

    2. Faith-Based Organization or Place of Worship- $100.00

    3. Medical Provider or Office- $250.00

    4. Mental Health Provider or Office- $250.00

    5. Non-profit or Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization- $1.00 (nominal fee)

  3. Receive a welcome email with a confirmation of your payment.

  4. Answer a 10-minute survey specific to your industry to gauge your level of partnership and how we can help.

  5. Wait for our staff to review your information, which will be vetted and confirmed within 2 weeks.

  6. You're in! If you're approved, you will be listed on our website as a lifetime member²  with all the benefits that entails!

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Those who are accepted as Equality Allies will be featured on our online directories of affirming places that are shared with our thousands of committed members and the nearly half a million allies across the region. Studies show that LGBTQ+ customer loyalty to affirming businesses can help provide better recruitment and retention, increased sales revenue, and improved word-of-mouth referrals. You will also receive free access to our LGBTQ+ Learning Library online catalogue that can help your organization earn Badges to highlight it in our directories, can assist in meeting HR and DEIA requirements, and provide personal enrichment opportunities.

In addition, you can also receive: 

  • Free advertising to thousands across the region via email, internet, social media, and in-person events.

  • Free access to educational training that focuses on LGBTQ+ issues, DEI, bias, and other related training (launching in December).

  • First-access to the 2023 Loudoun Pride Festival and reduced sponsorship rates.

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