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The Mission


Education is the key to everything we do. What has been shown time and again is that first-hand knowledge and understanding that comes directly from the LGBTQ+ community can radically change the perception of queer rights issues. Once someone has the misinformation replaced with truth, fear with understanding, and bigotry with friendship- then real change is possible.

Receiving a Town Proclomation


Our community lives in a digital age and with it comes a responsibility to meet people where they are to learn and find resources. We generate infographics, videos, trainings, and publicly accessible content on a variety of pages and platforms to educate the public on key LGBTQ+ issues. Bringing awareness of the issue is the first phase in our plan to help the public understand.



Our training program is one of the most important tools to providing learning and education to groups in a specialized manner that meets them where they are. We work with a variety of experts that include librarians, doctors, lawyers. scientists, and parents to generate our comprehensive curriculum offerings.



Getting the information into the hands of those who need it is critical. To accomplish this, we work to provide both specialized training options on LGBTQ+ and anti-discrimination topics for businesses, agencies, organizations, and groups as well as free public educational content for the general public. Using a combination of research and best-practices, we can create trainings that inform and improve the community.

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