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Education is the key to everything we do. What has been shown time and again is that first-hand knowledge and understanding that comes directly from the LGBTQ+ community can radically change the perception of queer rights issues. Once someone has the misinformation replaced with truth, fear with understanding, and bigotry with friendship- then real change is possible.

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At Equality Loudoun, we recognize that the needs of the community are large and we can't possibly meet them all. So we partner with incredible organizations who provide their own services that have been vetted to the highest degree by our team of experts. We have consultants who specialize in coordinated parent-child relationship assistance, bias understanding and equity development, and more.

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The core of everything we do is family. The family is where support, love, and trust must start in order for an LGBTQ+ person to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. The challenges often faced by our youth and young adults can be radically changed by creating an inclusive environment full of understanding. We work to provide resources, training, and information that benefits parents, spouses, children, and extended family. Love is at the center of all we do. 

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The most important principle of education is truth. In the modern age, anyone with a few dollars and bad intentions can spread misinformation to millions of people online. By utilizing the work of the best and brightest experts in their fields - including psychologists, biologists, doctors, researchers, and more - we put together a collection of critical information about LGBTQ+ topics based on proven research, work, and specialists. By spreading the truth, we can fight misinformation campaigns that threaten LGBTQ+ equality.

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Our schools are an important part of our community from the teachers who spend every day working to help our children improve, to the staff and administrators who run then, to the advocates working to improve them, to the parents who want the best start in life for their little ones, and of course to the students themselves who are working to learn and grow. By partnering with parents groups, student groups, and our elected officials, we work to improve schools for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Getting the information into the hands of those who need it is critical. To accomplish this, we work to provide both specialized training options on LGBTQ+ and anti-discrimination topics for businesses, agencies, organizations, and groups as well as free public educational content for the general public. Using a combination of research and best-practices, we can create trainings that inform and improve the community.

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