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Board of Directors- Treasurer

Board of Directors- Secretary

Board of Directors- Member-at-Large

Operations Team- Web Development

Operations Team- Social Media

All positions are open to those who live, work, or are a regular member of the Loudoun County, VA community.  Equality Loudoun is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and applicants must demonstrate understanding of the requirements and restrictions placed upon volunteers. Click each position to learn more.


Our Leadership Team is comprised of two distinct groups- the Governance Board and the Operations Team. The Governance Board is responsible for developing long-term strategies, maintaining partnerships, fundraising, and fulfilling critical needs. Every member of the Leadership Team is responsible for developing and overseeing our individual programs and projects, which require leading volunteers, setting deadlines and objectives, generating meaningful impacts, hosting meetings, and communicating the needs and impacts of our organization.


Leadership is an important part of how we operate, as our mission extends beyond just single events into the realm of long-term and lasting impacts. Our Operations Team is the most important and demanding position to fulfill. But our passion for the type of advocacy needed to propel us into the future is what drives us every day. The Operations Team manages the day-to day operations of the organization such as filing administrative documents, accounting, program development, web maintenance, meetings, and more.


If you're looking for limited opportunities to be involved and share your skills, then an event position may be perfect for you. Each position is tailored to support an event, tabling, or other activity. If you don't see anything that suits your time and talents in the Open Volunteer Positions below, join the Volunteer Pool and we'll keep your email on file for something in the near future. This is also great if you have special skills you'd like to offer up to help advance the Mission. If you have looked through all of our volunteering opportunities and just don't see anything matching your special skills or ideas, please email us for more information. 


At the end of 2022, we made the tough decision to abandon our rewards-based membership program so we can better focus on providing more impactful changes in our community. ​Our memberships are designed to achieve voice by creating a coalition of like-minded people who want to be part of furthering the Equality Loudoun mission. Your name as a member means another person in our community we're speaking up for, another crayon in our collective box, another weight on the back of discrimination and bigotry.

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