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Make a Difference

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to make an impact on your community. Volunteering with Equality Loudoun helps provide the support and advocacy needed to achieve true equality for tens of thousands of your Loudoun neighbors, friends, and family. Volunteering ranges from only a few meetings each quarter to more active positions based on your availability.

Youth Conference

Open Positions

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Communications Committee

Communications volunteers help bring the most visibility to the mission by creating graphics to help with social media, emails, and  event promotion. We have graphics programs that are great for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros.

Married Couple

Events Committee

Events are the crux of our community building efforts! Volunteer to attend, plan, and organize different events; and help staff the Equality Loudoun table to meet people, discuss the issues, sell merchandise, and more. 

Classroom Lecture

Education Committee

Education makes the lasting difference in so many lives by helping demonstrate the basic concepts of the LGBTQ+ community. Education volunteers help develop programs and trainings, give trainings, and solicit new ideas for seminars.

Volunteers Packing Food

Outreach Committee

We often engage with different community groups to provide panel discussions and partnerships. Be a recurring panelist for events, help keep us in touch with other regional organizations, and help create strengthened partnerships..

Business Meeting

Business Committee

Partnerships with local business is one of the key programs to creating a 21st Century Loudoun County. Prioritizing affirming businesses is a beneficial agreement for both LGBTQ+ individuals and local businesses. Help us make these important connections.

Insurance Consultation

Operations Committee

Our day-to-day operations is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. Being a personal advocate, navigating social services, being an event liaison, helping with fundraising, partnership coordination, and more are the backbone of everything we do.