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Comprehensive Trainings

For many, it is necessary to have information and education on specific topics. Our training program is one of the most important tools to provide vital learning to businesses, agencies, organizations, and groups. We work with a variety of experts including members of the LGBTQ+ community, librarians, doctors, lawyers. scientists, and parents to ensure we include myriad perspectives as we develop our comprehensive offerings. Our training is available for a reasonable fee and can be delivered virtually or in-person. 

See below for our currently available trainings.


Customized Trainings

Your workplace, organization, or community may have needs that go beyond what we offer, which is why we have a staff of professional training developers who have worked for years to create customized trainings tailored to your needs. Using a mixture of the most up-to-date research, best practices, and personal experience, we can craft anything to help you in your pursuit of knowledge.


Comprehensive Trainings are scheduled for 45 minutes each plus a 15 minute question and answer session. Each training comes complete with 2 of our certified trainers. Our program offers virtual or in-person services complete with all equipment necessary to host your training (projection not included). Our base rate is $150 for a virtual training and $200 for an in-person training.

Customized Trainings can be scheduled for any length of time to fit your needs. We offer in-person or virtual trainings that can include slide-based instruction, interactive modules, small-group and large-group activities, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, and more. We include a minimum of 2 trainers and all equipment necessary to host your training (projection not included). The pricing rate will be determined based on your needs, the scope, and the time required to develop your customized training.

Upcoming Trainings

Please Note, Equality Loudoun works with contracted partners to provide LGBTQ+ related trainings that benefit members of the community. All trainings, trainers, and partner organizations are thoroughly evaluated and vetted for affirming and accepting practices.

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Community Resiliency Model

April 28 | 10-11 am | Lisa Williams, To Learn Just  Notice

It's normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry as you go through your day -the question is - how quickly to do come back to your resilience zone? The Community Resiliency Model is a set of wellness skills, backed by neuroscience that helps you manage stress and the day- to-day challenges we face in life. Join me for 90 minutes session to learn the foundational elements of CRM and walk away with Practical, real-time techniques to manage stress, an  understanding of how the body and mind work together to protect us, and a better  understanding of mental muscles involved in wellness. Learn more...

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Understanding LGBTQ+ Consituents

May 1 | 7-8 pm | Cris Candice Tuck, EQLOCO

Elections are right around the corner in the Commonwealth and LGBTQ+ issues have been at the forefront of kitchen tables and political campaigns. While most Americans polled agree that the current push against queer rights are too much, too far, and too-heavily focused compared to important issues like gun control, inflation, and economic inequality- the conversation seems to rage on! Learn the latest on these concerted efforts, the truth behind messaging, and important counter-points.

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Parenting LGBTQ+ Youth: It's Time for Camp!

May 10 | 7-8 pm | Jennifer Boudrye, Parent with Care

Planning to send your LGBTQ+ kid to camp this summer? Let's talk through some things you need to do before, during, and after camp to ensure both you and your kiddo have a great summer.

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Creating Inclusive Environments

May 15 | 7-8 pm | Jennifer Boudrye, EQLOCO

A growing and changing world requires us all to evolve along with it! Whether you are a business owner, medical provider, teacher, parent, faith leader, or anyone else who has the important role of creating a place where all feel welcome, accepted, and safe- the language and needs of the LGBTQ+ community are at a forefront. Nearly 1 in 10 younger Americans identify as part of the Queer Community. Learn how to make sure your space is a safe one.

Parenting your LGBTQ+ Youth  Holidays.png

Parenting LGBTQ+ Youth: Back to School

August 17 | 7-8 pm | Jennifer Boudrye, Parent with Care

It can be the most wonderful time of year for both you and your child, or it can be the worst, or someplace in between! We'll share some strategies and make some plans to keep your kids safe, keep them ready for learning, and make it a great year of school for you both.

Parenting your LGBTQ+ Youth  Holidays 2.png

Parenting LGBTQ+ Youth: The Holidays can be Hard

November 15 | 7-8 pm | Jennifer Boudrye, Parent with Care

No matter where you are on your parenting journey, the holidays can be Who knows what about your kid and how will they show up at the holiday table? What gifts will make your child feel affirmed and loved? How do you plan to handle the inevitable roller coaster of emotions that seem to escalate during the holiday season? I may not have all the answers, but I know we'll be able to figure it out and make a plan together! 

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