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Equality Loudoun is proud to offer free virtual training to the general public that helps provide everything from a baseline knowledge of LGBTQ+ terminology to challenging exercises that help identify our own biases using first hand knowledge and perspectives from LGBTQ+ neighbors.


Upcoming Workshops

Unconscious Bias Workshop.png
Unconscious Bias & Making Connections
Dates to be announced...

Regardless of how much we try, the ideas that form racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other bias have been built upon since birth. Learning to recognize and shake those can help create a more inclusive society. In this hour, you'll explore a host of self-reflection exercises and dive deeper into understanding that we all have unconscious bias and what to do with it.

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Inclusive Environments Workshop.png
Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Environments
Dates to be announced...

From the classroom to the board room, this great introductory course teaches the basics of pronoun use, proper LGBTQ+ terminology, how to create affirming spaces, and assessing your own viewpoint. This is perfect for every business owner, educator, caregiver, and ally who wants to help better understand the insight the LGBTQ+ community offers and how to be a person or place where everyone is free to exist.

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Parents Workshop.png
Parents & LGBTQ+ Youth
Dates to be announced...

Provided by actual parents of LGBTQ+ young people, this is a safe place start to understand your child's perspectives, their needs, and what they are experiencing through empathetic and understanding first-hand perspectives. Whether exploring gender or orientation, the basics of what your child is going through can be learned about and questions can be asked in a judgement-free space.

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Trans Identities Workshop.png
Understanding Trans & Nonbinary Identities
Dates to be announced...

It's no big mystery! Transgender and nonbinary individuals have been around since the beginning of time and helped shape modern society. But so little is common knowledge. Learn about the "third gender," about gender identity, the science, the history, and find every answer to every question you have, we hope! 

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