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Announcing the Launch of the Equality Allies Program

Calling the Community to the Table to Support LGBTQ+ Equality

October 25, 2022

LEESBURG, VA — Equality Loudoun is excited to announce that we have launched the Equality Allies program today as the successor to the incredibly successful pilot program, the Loudoun Business Allies. Within the last year alone, over 70 Loudoun businesses joined the pilot program to advance LGBTQ+ rights by affirming their rights to an inclusive and equitable community through visible allyship and financial support, raising tens of thousands of dollars to support scholarships, school advancement grants, community events, educational training development, and operations for our organization.

With recent developments for our LGBTQ+ youth, now is more important than ever for allies to show their commitment to defending LGBTQ+ human rights. We have heard from across the county that there is a need to expand and open these programs to broader segments of the community.

Effective immediately, the Equality Allies program will bring together affirming businesses, places of worship, medical providers, mental health providers, realtors and housing providers, non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, community groups, and other organizations. This expansion will make official the outstanding partnerships we already have with so many of our non-business partners. Our Loudoun community of business, organizations, and worship partners have overwhelmingly made it clear they want to be a solid foundation for LGBTQ+ equality initiatives and advancements. And the LGBTQ+ community in the region have been clear they are looking for verified and authentic places to live, work, worship, visit, and play.

As part of the partnership, each applicant will be reviewed, surveyed, and vetted, as well as contribute financially to support the organizational mission. In exchange, we will offer a variety of free training, DEIA educational opportunities, access to inclusive policies and review, early event access, partnership opportunities, and advertising directly to our thousands of followers. Money raised will directly fund efforts to promote DEIA inclusive policies, build community programs, support the LGBTQ+ Community Center, and more.

You can find more information on the Equality Allies Program at


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