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Equality Loudoun Announces President Charlotte McConnell’s Resignation


LEESBURG, VA - It is with immense gratitude and sadness that Equality Loudoun (EQLOCO) announces the resignation of Charlotte McConnell, EQLOCO President, after years of work and advocacy in Loudoun County. Vice President Cris Candice Tuck will serve as Acting President until the EQLOCO Board of Directors identifies a successor for Mrs. McConnell.

“The EQLOCO Board thanks Charlotte for her tireless advocacy on topics of education, social justice, and the welfare of Loudouners. For years, she has been the face of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights across the county. Her tenacity, compassion, and resilience have made Loudoun a stronger, safer, and better place to live. We cannot thank her enough,” said Member At-Large Nicholas Gothard.

Under Charlotte McConnell’s leadership, EQLOCO’s membership and reach grew exponentially, fostering dozens of new community partnerships and reaching new horizons. "She serves as an inspiration for so many of us, we will be forever grateful for the guidance, leadership, and passion she has instilled in our community,” said Vice President Cris Candice Tuck.


Equality Loudoun (EQLOCO) is a grassroots organization fighting to promote, protect and defend LGBTQ+ equality in Loudoun County. Founded in 2003 and re-launched in 2017, EQLOCO is a nonpartisan, 100% volunteer, and grassroots-driven organization currently in the process of achieving nonprofit status.

Equality Loudoun


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