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How to support LGBTQ+ students ?

Post a pride flag, safe space sticker, a pride poster or some other symbol in your classroom, office, or on your personal belongings to signal to students that you are there to support LGBTQ+ students. You can model inclusive behavior by providing your own preferred name and pronouns and encouraging students to do the same. 

Educate yourself through professional development and increase your awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and specific needs LGBTQ+ students have. Use more inclusive language in the classroom, for example switch out boys and girls for students or class. Make sure to confront any student, parent or faculty who use homophobic language or spreading homophobic narratives. 

Volunteer as an advisor or contributor to your school’s LGBTQ+ oriented clubs or Gay Straight Alliance, if you have one. If your school does not have one, consider sponsoring one with the help of interested students. Have LGBTQ+ books in your classroom, appropriate for the age range you teach and integrate LGBTQ+ topics and historical figures into your curriculum and lessons. Consider checking out LGBTQ+ books by grade.

What are some additional resources for being a teacher of LGBTQ+ students?

  • GLSEN provides resources for Educators on their website. These resources will provide you with specific guides, tools, and information on important LGBTQ+ information and dates. It also will provide you with how to be a supportive teacher to students that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Gender Spectrum  provides information for Educators or Education professionals. These resources include different links and information for Educational Resources, Youth Resources, Sports and Youth Programs Resources, etc.

  • The Human Rights Campaign has a website called: “Welcoming Schools'' which is dedicated to providing training and resources to Elemental educators. Their goal with this program is to; embrace every family, create LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive schools, Support Trans and nonbinary students, prevent bias-based bullying, and more. Some of these resources could be used by educators that teach students of higher grade levels.

  • Change Maker Grants: Equality Loudoun aims to support the incredible work of Loudoun's PTO's, GSA's, teacher organizations, parent's groups, and more using educational grants that support queer-inclusive initiatives, groups, and projects. The Board of Directors selects recipients each year that will receive a grant to support their mission. Congratulations to our past winners: 

    • 2021: Leesburg Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Organization​ ($250)

    • 2022: Briar Woods H.S.'s Gender-Sexuality Alliance ($250)

    • 2022: SafeSpace NOVA's Pride Prom ($500)

    • 2022: Loudoun County's Pride Prom (GSA-run) ($500)

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