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3 W Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176


Joined on April 26, 2024




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We are an arts and crafts store in downtown Leesburg featuring ready-to-make craft kits, art supplies, workshops, and more! Customers can buy kits to take home, but are always welcome to do crafts in our shop where we'll take care of your mess! We have options for all ages, so come in and tap into your creativity!

General Survey

Question: What percent of your organization identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Answer: More than 10%.

Question: What are your policies on LGBTQ+ trainings?

Answer: Not applicable.

Question: How often do you require or recommend LGBTQ+ inclusive training?

Answer: Not applicable.

Question: Which best describes your current policies and procedures for your LGBTQ+ staff?

Answer: Not applicable.

Question: Which best describes your current policies and procedures for your LGBTQ+ clients?

Answer: We do not have LGBTQ-specific references in our policies and procedures.

Question: How do you create a positive space for the LGBTQ+ community?

Answer: We have year-round shows of support that are specifically affirming or positive for the LGBTQ+ community.

Industry Survey

Question: Which queer organizations have you worked with, donated to, or supported- now or in the past?

Answer: Equality Loudoun, Equality Virginia.

Question: How do you promote diverse employment among qualified job applicants?

Answer: 1 of our 2 employees is queer, we are not hiring

Question: How do you try to create a queer-inclusive business space?

Answer: We are respectful of all individuals, their pronouns, and their self-identitification

Question: What are examples of your queer-inclusive policies? (Do you have all-gender restrooms? Do you have a trans-inclusive policy for your facilities? Do you allow customers and/or employees to change their information easily and confidentially?)

Answer: We do have an all-gender bathroom, and we will always respect how customers and employees identify. Any information shared with us is treated as confidential unless we are informed that it isn't necessary.


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