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St. Gabriel's ~ San Gabriel Episcopal Church



August 10, 2023




Badges are a great way to show the work done towards achieving DEIA goals. Learn more.


Saint Gabriel's ~ San Gabriel is a bilingual, multicultural, multiethnic and authentically inclusive Episcopal Church in Leesburg, VA.

Through prayer and action we live into our holy mission to "Encounter God, build meaningful relationships, and make a difference in the world" by offering inspiring worship, faith-building discipleship, loving fellowship, heartfelt pastoral care, active evangelism, outreach, and service to all.

Our inclusion goes beyond hospitality and welcome, we integrate people at any stage of their faith journey to grow and to help our faith community make a difference in the community around us and beyond. We welcome you with love, the same love with which God made you! At St. Gabriel's we invite you to dress up or dress down to worship because God doesn't care what you wear, nor do we!

General Survey

Question: Hhat percent of your organization identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Answer: More than 10%

Question: What are your policies on LGBTQ+ trainings?

Answer: Everyone is required to have LGBTQ-specific training.

Question: How often do you require or recommend LGBTQ+ inclusive training?

Answer: The Episcopal Church's policy required all FT and PT staff to be certified by the church's Safe Church program and undergo a refresher training every four years thereafter.

Question: Which best describes your current policies and procedures for your LGBTQ+ staff?

Answer: We have a general anti-discrimination clause that covers LGBTQ and other marginalized groups.

Question: Which best describes your current policies and procedures for your LGBTQ+ clients?

Answer: We have a general anti-discrimination clause that cover LGBTQ and other marginalized groups.

Question: How do you create a positive space for the LGBTQ+ community?

Answer: We have year-round shows of support that are specifically affirming or positive for the LGBTQ+ community.

Place of Worship Survey

Question: Please list the title or denomination that best suits your place of worship.

Answer: The Episcopal Church

Question: How long has your congregation been LGBTQ+ friendly?

Answer: 20 years

Question: Please describe ways in which you ensure that queer individuals, couples, and families are made to feel welcomed in your space.

Answer: The head pastor (Vicar) is gay, Latino, married, and out. 25% of our staff are queer, the vice president of our board is an out queer person. Our congregation is known in the community for being authentically inclusive along a diverse spectrum of inclusion (including being an LGBTQ+ affirming house of worship)

Question: Please indicate which of the following are TRUE for your place of worship:

Answer: We prohibit anti-queer messaging or scripture to be taught., We accept queer individuals as members of our place of worship., We have intervened in support of a queer individual on behalf of our faith., We perform same-sex marriages., We allow queer people to serve in leadership in our place of worship., We perform marriages involving transgender individuals., We accept queer people to serve as mentors or godparents., We accept and support queer parents (whether through adoption or biological means)., We accept and support queer youth and affirm their place in our place of worship., We support transgender children seeking transition-related healthcare., We have not had a marriage involving a transgender individual yet but will perform the marriage.

Question: What are examples of your queer-inclusive policies?

Answer: We don't worship in our own buildings so we don't have designated restrooms because we cannot change the signage of places where we rent or who provide free worship spaces for our worship and events. Congregants can easily change their information confidentially with the assistance of our parish administrator who is a queer person.

Question: Please select all that would apply to your Youth Program.

Answer: Provides LGBTQ+ inclusive literature, books, or other materials., Discuss families other than hetero normative make-ups., Allows LGBTQ+ youth or young adults to serve in leadership.

Question: Which queer organizations have you worked with, donated to, or supported- now or in the past?

Answer: Mobile Hope, the former PFLAG group for youth and adults in Loudoun County.

Question: Please describe your faith’s view of same-sex relationships:

Answer: The policy of The Episcopal Church is inclusive regarding same sex relationships and marriages. The Episcopal Church ordains LGBTQ+ persons as clergy.

Question: Does your congregation believe that being queer is an immutable characteristic imbued by God or are they influenced, changed, or chosen based on man-made behaviors, decisions, and beliefs? Please explain:

Answer: Both/and. We uphold that some people are born Queer, some people choose an orientation or identity during their lifetime, some people are fluid in their sexuality during the course of their lives.


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