The Key to Education is Understanding

This is the basis of our educational outreach program. Through personal exposure, stories, and knowledge created from and by LGBTQ+ individuals, our organization offers a unique perspective that can help any organization better understand, affirm, and provide for the LGBTQ+ community.

Loudoun Business Allies

We have created a tailored training seminar for businesses as part of our Loudoun Business Allies program. Businesses can commit one or several individuals to receive information about retaining end recruiting employees, serving customers, and increasing sales to LGBTQ+ individuals. Trainings typically take only 30 minutes and we allow up to 30 minutes for Q&A sessions with our trainers. After each training, a business will receive our Business Welcome package complete with affirming door decal, table tent, and more.


Loudoun Education Allies (coming soon)

A program unique to the challenges of teachers, educators, and administrators, this seminar was designed by teachers for teachers and based on time-tested and accurate information. This training provides the tools needed to understand and affirm students who are members of the LGBTQ+ while providing an open, safe, and accepting place to ask questions and get information. Each training takes about 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for a Q&A session with our trainers. After each training, an educator will receive our Excellence in Education welcome package complete with affirming door decal, pride flag, stickers, and more.

General Education (coming soon)

This fun and interactive seminar is open to anyone interested and will provide the basics of LGBTQ+ information and knowledge to feel confident and affirming interacting with your LGBTQ+ loved one. This training is great for parents and grandparents, spouses, children, medical staff, legal professionals, and anyone looking for a general knowledge. In this course, we teach the fundamentals of what gender identity is, how sexual orientation works, when and how to use pronouns, and so much more. Each seminar is completed with a Q&A session where participants can ask important questions of our highly knowledgeable trainers in a safe and open environment. To schedule a larger or private training, please click on the link at the top of the page.

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